The start to a great move is choosing the right moving company. You should choose a mover who you trust implicitly. Make sure to get an in-home estimate with anyone that you let quote your move.

Next, you need to insure that all of your belongings are safely packed. Black Diamond pack crews are available to handle any and all of your packing or crating needs.

Here are some tips that will make your move as smooth as possible:

  • If you choose to pack yourself, allow plenty of time or be fully prepared for your movers to pack when they arrive.

  • Don′t cut the timing too close on things like house closings or key drops. Allow yourself a cushion of time to get everything accomplished.

  • Put all important papers, wallets, keys, etc in a safe place. You won′t want to waste time searching through packed boxes for a lost item.

  • Clean all of your outdoor items like furniture, toys, grills.

  • Drain all of your outdoor power tools of fuel and oil.

  • Defrost and clean any refrigerated appliances.

  • Move all of your vehicles out of the garage and driveway. Give your movers plenty of space to work in.

  • Take your children and pets to a neighbor or friend′s house so that your movers have a clear path.

  • Have a floor plan of how your new home will be set up.

  • Keep all the doors open. Having to handle items twice to open doors will only extend the time and cause extra work for your crew.

  • Have someone responsible directing traffic at the main entrance of your new home.